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Medical Practice for ENT-medicine Dr. Majid Ghosn treats all problems of the nose, ears, throat and neck (Brussels)

Do you or your partner suffer from a snoring disorder? Then contact Medical Practice for ENT-medicine Dr. Majid Ghosn and rely on the expertise of your ENT-specialist in Brussels.

Ear, nose and throat

In his practice, situated in the heart of the European quarter, doctor Majid Ghosn treats all disorders of the nose, throat, ears and neck. You can rely on his expertise for an effective treatment and a thorough diagnosis of your physical complaints.


The treatment of snoring disorders is one of doctor Majid Ghosn’s specialties. The soft palate is often the cause of this inconvenience. With an effective approach, your ENT specialist achieves premium results.

Flexible endoscopy

A flexible endoscopy only takes a few minutes and is executed under local sedation. This test allows the doctor to examine the larynx and nasal cavity in detail. This technique is very efficient for the diagnosis of, amongst others, nasal polyps and larynx damage.

Your experienced ENT-specialist

The practice welcomes both Dutch, French and English speaking patients. Doctor Majid Ghosn communicates perfectly in all three languages.


The doctor has a degree in medicine from the University of Louvain, with a specialty in otorhinolaryngology (University of Ghent). Since 1998, doctor Ghosn also executes rhinoplasty for both functional and esthetical reasons.

Do you have further questions or do you want to make an appointment in the medical practice of doctor Majid Ghosn? Contact Medical Practice for ENT-medicine Dr. Majid Ghosn today!

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